Sector's Edge

A brand new free-to-play first person shooter with a completely destructible environment, set in a futuristic galaxy with action packed, chaotic battles.

The game is developed by the two man team at Vercidium using their own engine and assets created from scratch, with a focus on optimisation and fun gameplay at its core.


"It's said that the entire map is destructible and for once I feel we have a game that has truly delivered on that promise. Weapons feel like they're packing a punch, with the sound design especially being really well done - which is something that usually lacks in indies." - d3Nk

"The duo at Vercidium have produced a mass of technically challenging content, while also keeping an open mind about everything from balancing to release strategies." - Grandy

"Sector's Edge combines my two favorite types of games: building and shooting. The community is awesome and the devs are amazing. Seeing the game take shape and new features added has been really cool and I can't wait to see what comes next." - The Noah

Our community is thriving on Discord, where players chat with the developers, discuss ideas, organise matches and stream and share gameplay videos.


We regularly post the latest Sector's Edge updates on our Twitter and Instagram pages, from in-game highlights to map design timelapses to 3D modelling with Blender.


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